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“You do not have to be an expert to tell the difference”- The words of a Chef
Bellota 100% iberico pork shoulderham
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Bellota 100% iberico
pork shoulderham

A high quality product
with an unbeatable flavour



Nutritional value



Our acorn-fed shoulder comes only from selected pure-bred Iberico pork, with strictly extensive farming, raised free-range in the oak forests of south-west peninsular Spain. Like our acorn-fed Iberico ham, it is the culmination of a long preparation process: Iberian breed, oak forest, natural feed, salt, rest and time.

Our Iberico pigs are fed on acorns and grass during the "Montanera" (acorn-fed season). This feed, rich in proteins, glycides and fats, in combination with plenty of exercise for the pig roaming free, aids the development of its musculature with the perfect proportion of meat and fat necessary to produce the characteristic marbling, which distinguishes the organoleptic quality of the meat.

The high proportion of oleic acid in the fat gives it its unique aromas and flavours, exclusively from the acorn. Prepared traditionally, the shoulders are cured in natural drying rooms and matured in our Jabugo cellar.

A slender ham, with a black trotter and slim bone. The external fat is soft with a smooth texture. Its profile has the characteristic half-moon cut.

A noble, exquisite product, comparable to the Acorn-fed Iberico ham for its juiciness, texture, aroma, flavour and nutrients.

The curing process is between 18 and 24 months.


100% Iberian Pork Shoulder, salt and preservers (E-252 and E-250).

Nutritional value
Average nutritional values per 100 g

Energy value

357 Kcal (1486 Kj)


26 g

Saturated fatty acids

9,2 g
Carbohydrates <0,5 




30,8 g


4,49 g
Bellota 100% iberico pork shoulderham
Product formats
Whole piece

Deboned piece

Pressed, deboned piece

½ Deboned piece

Sliced 80 gr (hand-cut)

Sliced 80 gr (with presentation case)

Selection of sliced products 180 g (with presentation case)

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“You do not have to be an expert to tell the difference”- The words of a Chef


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