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“You do not have to be an expert to tell the difference”- The words of a Chef
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Christmas 2016

Capa Negra launches its special formats

Capa Negra launches a Limited Edition and a new presentation adapted to different requirements for approaching dates:

· Special Case for Capa Negra Paleta Ibérica Limited Edition 100% Hand Sliced bones and taquitos in portions of 80 grams

· Pack Capa Negra with 5 servings composed of ham and Iberian loin


The Capa Negra products are a food category with exceptional gastronomic peculiarity from Iberian pigs of the highest quality. But what really sets them apart is a unique, own physiological characteristic of race. His muscles glimpse for "marbling" that give them their exquisite flavor and texture. In words of chef Martin Berasategui own, "the nobility of these products contains plenty of surprises and incredible sensations". The Basque restaurateur print your personal stamp for Capa Negra selecting the best pieces of acorn with the firm intention to promote and guarantee quality in the Spanish market the best product. With these new additions, Capa Negra takes a further step in its strategy of brand positioning beyond the large portfolio offered regularly in different outlets.

They will be available during the months of November and December in the best local specialty food, gourmet shops and large food chains.

“You do not have to be an expert to tell the difference”- The words of a Chef


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